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Monday, September 3rd, 2018 - Ford
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2019 Ford Ranger ; This is the all-new Ford Ranger Raptor, everyone loses their minds, and I can tell you that it’s wonderful

The Car looks amazing like a small Tonka truck, we’re just a small F-150, you’ve got this huge Ford network, the entire lower section is specially designed for the Ranger Raptor, and an additional 150 miles across a car that seems to be Very exciting putting those tires there BF Goodrich specifically designed for this 285 mm wide and 17 inch car as well that the extra width of the front and back means that Ford has been provided with these giant side steps at all to listen to this Magnesium Diecast It’s exciting will carry the weight of the car so you can Smashing it on things here without any works d The steel plate that is 2.3 mm thick so it is literally designed to be smashed and attacking and you will never forget this as a Raptor because there are raptor badges everywhere The changes around the back here keep a look at the traveler this guy just stick to This is an extra 150 ml across the four-wheel disc brakes and under this wheel pack, I’ve also got the fox shocks I got from the leaf springs, and now I use the coils that are placed with the Watts link and look at this in front and back, Ruggedized Certified for A look at the interior and other things that changed before we started to drive Let’s take a look at the interior here of Ranger Raptor so it will look familiar to you because it is all around here but there are some unique features like this screen when you run the car that comes with Ranger Raptor and then Here is also a solid look forward to a wonderful environment. The unique seats of this raptor car are beautifully wrapped around you – they are also heated, good news – a painting that contains this leather material, and is well presented but there are raging surfaces here When you enter the 7 sign $ 5,000 you know a kind of hope for a little more fat and serious inside but 6: 3 information systems and entertainment is a great unit for Apple’s Android applications so the auto industry gives you everything you need there is a pull Your driving modes are selected on the steering wheel and displayed in front of the driver You can rotate all of this and then you have a new gear stick in the UK. You can also look for this key, and then you can get the key there and then on the rear Raptor, so it’s so great it’s so huge, but you’re using it now in your pocket until you enter No key and no key so you do not need to worry about it even Imply the cups are now moving the USB here and down here so there is only 12 volts there now as well as the center console is a very decent legroom background has not changed so it is much the same as a regular guard but the Raptor wheel is unique to this car sits beautifully in the hand for it When you are going to Fang you will know exactly where the parking is also thanks to this twelv e oClock marker so you get steering inputs you can see where they look like great cool sound changers that give them to them so you should give them a good understanding when you want to have cracks wrapped down the bottom now The most important thing is how this engine works Let’s go to Dead Spin

This has been a fun project for Ford for more than three years now, and I will tell you about this feeling like a completely different car, the Venger itself is a really confident car, we know it loved and enjoyed it, nother level I’m going to put this in context for you we do 110 kilometers per hour The improvement on the road gravel Some pitfalls of ripple drilling here will not dare to drive in any other double cab This thing uses very very cold shocks of fox give you really hidden on this means that you can just touch the bumps and they do not bother at all under the bonnet There is a brand new engine for the Ford Ranger , A turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 2 liters of 157 kW of power 500 nm of torque and a new gearbox. A 10-speed automatic gearbox developed with GM can tell you that it has 20 holes on the line and that these two engines are always working together To help you to speed up the fees never such a ten speed you must jump through the gears to get the torque that you are after what amazes me although it is just how this car looks linear as I said before we race along here earlier on the bitumen and the same story there Also you can literally tip this in and know that you can get broadcast The gas pedal it’s included is ridiculous. It’s a lot of fun in addition to the pile of gate motor modes. Ford has also developed a Baja mode that was designed to adjust Raptor even for some fairly large jump and high-speed off-road driving.

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