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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 - Dodge
New 2020 Dodge Charger Srt8 New Review

2020 Dodge Charger ; So the look of the new Dodge Charger supposedly leaked a little bit we have about two about two photos for you to look at a different versions of the of the new charger the 2024 2019 2020 model charger you guys take on it so the first one is this one about to show you right here alright so with that look you see it looks pretty nice and everything right there it uh definitely has a mixture of almost like the Viper a little bit and I think that’s a good look for it as well you know it gives you that you know much more it’s less muscle car but more sports car kind of like how the Camaro kind of went shifted over to the sports car version speaking of there’s a Camaro behind me and also anyways like I said the look of the Viper is what it has and I really like a lot of people are like I’m not sure but I think it looks pretty good sorry guys I’m over here looking at the Camaro behind me but I think it looks pretty good little pull for you guys.

I like how it looks Brandon’s not you know the old box muscle car look I really like the look of this this one right here that our render I just showed you it looks pretty cool still a little aggressive still looks fast it just has more of that that Viper feel to it you know so so that’s one now here’s the other one that’s recently just leap yeah you see that one there and that one there it’s pretty nice too this one I believe should be kind of close to what it may look like the reason I say that is because you got to think you had Timken discus step down supposedly you know from Lees of dodge and he’s heading Alfa Romeos and Maserati on a global level now this one here looks more on the side of Maseratis that’s why I think this one should be close to what it looked like it gives it you know that sleep front end is more closer than Maserati you know kind of diamond-shaped headlights mix with kind of like the Vipers it likes a bit almost that make sense if you kind of look at the Vipers more recent models and the Maserati recent models the sports sedan Maseratis at least it kind of has the same variance of the lights and everything I really like it and the sides clearly you can kind of tell it’s still you know the charger look so I think this one may be a bit closer to what it may look like now don’t get me wrong I love the look of the 2015 2015 – 2018.

I guess it’ll be called chargers and everything like my 2015 but it’s you know it’s still a refresh and look you know things got to evolve like it or not things gotta evolve usually adapt to it and if you don’t that’s okay if you don’t adapt to it if you don’t adapt to it easily by another model previous model and that’s fine too I like all the targets all the challengers I like them all it’s not a bad thing if you choose to keep you know it’s not a bad thing if you choose to keep the cars that you had so I guess you guys give me your thoughts and what do you think the which one which one of these renders is more closely what you expect so to speak sorry just sorry another target like mine just uh let me know in the comments below guys what you think which render looks more closely to you’d expect it to be not what you would you know we hope and dreams which one is East – do you think it’ll be close closely like when it comes out in 2020.

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